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The Las Vegas Peace Officers’ Association (LVPOA) is an independent Labor
Organization and  the recognized bargaining unit for about 200 commissioned officers for
the City of Las Vegas.

The LVPOA represents the interest of its members through contract negotiations,
grievance and arbitration representation, and by working with City and department
Management to maintain good working conditions and the best benefits possible.

Once you become a member in good standing you are eligible to attend General
Membership meetings, Contract Ratification meetings and any social type functions
offered by the LVPOA.  

Members are also entitled to various discount programs that are obtained through
collaboration with
City of Las Vegas and the LVPPA.  Discount programs include Knott's
Berry Farm, Sea World, Movie Tickets, etc.
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July 20 - July 23
Contract Ratification Vote

July 23
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December 12
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The LVPOA Negotiations Team has come to an agreement on all articles of a new
Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the City of Las Vegas. We are preparing to
conduct a ratification vote with the LVPOA membership. Once Ratified, the CBA will be
presented to the City of Las Vegas Council where we expect it to be approved at there next
scheduled meeting (July 29).

The information and voting schedules are as follows:

Monday Jul 20
Q&A 1500-1900 Voting to begin immediately after information is disseminated.

Tuesday Jul 21
Voting 1500-1900 (Information will be available)

Wednesday Jul 22
0500-0700 & 1500-1900 (Information will be available)

Thursday Jul 23
0500-1700 & 1500-1900 (Information will be available)

The Q&A and Voting will take place at the LVPOA office, 1250 Burnham Ave Las Vegas,
NV 89104, in the large meeting room (where we normally conduct our membership
meetings). As stated in an earlier e-mail, all board members now have a hard copy and/or
an electronic copy for your review. Also, per our attorney there will be no absentee ballots.

Please take the time to get accurate information directly from a board member: President
Larry Davis, VP Scott Edwards, Secretary Michael Weyand, Treasurer Donald Patton,
Representatives Allan Tremar, Thomas Ratzsch, Todd Chafee and Sgt. John Gierczic. Feel
free to contact any of us.

Get accurate information, ask questions and turn out to vote during any of the scheduled
times. This is YOUR contract with the City. Your money, benefits and future is
encompassed in this agreement. Some of you may find things that you do not agree with,
there may be things that some of you will be happy about. Please understand that our job
is to get a contract that improves the memberships quality of life, is fair, and will pass the
membership vote and the City Council vote.

Thank you for your support and patience.
2015 Contract Ratification Vote